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Instruction Additions
Game Play

Instruction Additions
    When you take a cash advance you will also add 20% of the total you borrow to your CC payment expense. (i.e. For every $100 on your credit card balance your CC payment will go up $20.)
    There is a 'Graduation' Card error that states the correct information in the written description though the boxes say 'School Debt' and 'Future Payment'. The boxes should read Salary and Living Expenses. Also in the event that you took out a school loan be sure to also add your future payment to your expenses upon graduation.
Game Play
  • What if I want to use some cash for a transaction instead of using my credit card for the full amount?
    You may do that though be sure that you adjust your monthly CC payment. As a reminder it is 20% per month. (i.e. For every $100 on your credit card balance your CC payment will go up $20.)
  • Can I change my status as a giver?
    At the beginning of each turn (before you draw a card) you may choose to become a giver or stop giving. Be sure to update your financial statement accordingly.
  • Why doesn't my credit card balance go down when I make a payment?
    The credit card payment you make every month represents just the interest due on your balance. If you would like to reduce your credit card balance, you would need to make a separate payment for the amount you want to pay off. When you do pay down your credit card debt, don’t forget to calculate your new interest payment.
  • Does my charity that I donate each month go into the charity fund on the board?
    The charity that you donate each month does not get added to the charity fund on the board. In the game it is assumed that your specific charity gets that money each month.
  • If my charity payment each month doesn’t go into the Charity Fund on the board- what is the Charity Fund for?
    There are cards in the game that have activities you can do to earn money for charity. When you do these activities the money you earn goes into the Charity Fund on the board. You will only add money to the Charity Fund if the instructions on the card say to do so.
  • How does the raffle work?
    If you win the charity raffle, you get to take half of what is in the charity fund to keep as your prize winnings. The rest of the money can either stay in the charity fund or can be given to the banker as a deposit into the Charity Fund bank account.
  • Can I take a cash advance to start a business?
    You may take a cash advance on your credit card to start businesses. The same rules apply to other cash advances. For every $100 that you borrow your credit card payment will increase by $20.
  • If I get to Thrive and I want to keep playing, what should I do?
    It is very common for companies or governments that offer student loans to allow the student to "defer" repayment until after they leave college. This means that you get to put off repaying your loan until you graduate or leave school. That is why the game sheet lists "Future Payments" - because the payments won't start until you graduate.
  • Why don't I add my school loan payment to my expenses when I start college?
    If you get to Thrive and wish to keep playing you may get a new game sheet and start over at Survive to build your new financial future!
  • Do I add cash transactions to my income statement?
    If you receive a cash payment for something or pay cash it is a one time cash transaction and does not get added to your income statement.
  • Do I get paid my BIZprofit right away when I start a business?
    Your BIZprofit gets added to the Income part of your game sheet and is added to your Pay Day amount. You only receive BIZprofit on Pay Day.